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Internet websites about Project Management and Critical Chain


To complete your knowledge of project management and the Critical Chain, we offer a selection of websites.

This list covers not only the Critical Chain, the software compatible with this method, the Theory of Constraints, but more broadly the whole issue of project management.

Critical Chain websites

Critical Chain, an innovative concept
Text of 3 pages from 2003 written by Professor Vincent Giard from the University Paris Dauphine. He notably comments on how truly innovative these ideas are. Only available in French
Scoop It  Critical Chain Project Management Find out about the critical chain in English
MIT Course (Massachusetts institute of technology) Presentation of 33 slides by Steeve Cook which contains a project management exercise.
Orange Blog, Critical Chain post
Michel Operto's blog explaining the Critical Chain. Only available in French
Article about Critical Chain ''Quand le bon sens révolutionne le management de projets'', 2011. Explains in a simple manner the interest of the Critical Chain and the 3 rules to apply. Only available in French
Wikipédia Description of the method which includes the gains, the limits and the bases of the Critical Chain

TOC TV : Critical Chain implementation

Presentation of several uses of the Critical Chain. To view the videos, you must create an account.

CCPM Software Solution websites

Concerto Realization software, the most frequently used to set up the Critical Chain
BEING Management Company software. This is interesting because it can be used on its own.
CCPM+ Advance Project Inc. software which is compatible with the Critical chain and usable with MS Project.
ProChain ProChain company software which is compatible with the Critical chain and usable with MS Project.
Lynx Software by a-dato to set up the Critical Chain
Software adapted to Critical Chain Project Management


Find our comparison of CCPM software by clicking on the link below

CCPM software comparison

Project Management websites

Société Française pour l'Avancement du management de Projet(SMAP) lIn SMAP (French Society for the Advancement of Project Management), which publishes and disseminates various information and news in the field of project management.
PMI Group - Project Management on Viadéo Project Management discussion group on Viadeo. French website

Theory of Constraints websites

Management Par les Contraintes Philip Marris website dedicated to the book Management By Constraints. It describes the implementation of the Theory of Constraints in production. In french

Marris Consulting Channel

YouTube channel dedicated to Theory of Constraints; several elements of ToC are addressed
TOC guidebook A TOC guidebook explaining all TOC applications in production, project management, supply chain, etc.
Marris Consulting Management consulting company created by Philip Marris, author of the book "Le Management Par les Contraintes". The firm's interventions are based on the use of the principles of Theory of Constraints or Constraints Management.
AGI - Goldratt Institute One of the 3 sites named Goldratt. He sells training and educational products. Lots of good free and recent content in the "Library" section.
Wikipedia Description of the method