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We provide you with numerous sources of information to enrich your knowledge of the Critical Chain

Find other points of view written by Marris Consulting's team

Critical chain Project Management & MRO : How can a new approach to project management reduce the immobilization of planes on the ground?

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The Critical Chain to reduce the “time to market” and increase productivity : Don't waste your time arbitrating between the crucial late project and the very late project

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Summary of books on the Critical Chain

Summary of the book Critical Chain : With this 3rd novel, E. Goldratt chooses to tackle project management and analyzes why traditional approaches to plan, follow and monitor projects almost never allow completion on time, on budget and with the initial specifications.


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Summary of the book Be Fast or Be Gone : Like E. Goldratt, the author Andreas Scherer chose a business novel to explain how to set up Critical Chain Project Management, taking the example of a new drug development.


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An article on the Global Defence Technology website in English, July 2020:

US Navy looks to speed up ship maintenance with AI-powered scheduling


An article paru on the PMI website in English, January 2020:

Project Miracles explained





An article on the Industryweek website in English, September 2020:

The Hidden Waste Lurking in Project Management


An article published in the French weekly newspaper Usine Nouvelle on June 5, 2019:

Aircraft Maintenance - Marris Consulting reduce aircraft overhaul time by more than 30%


An article published on the technical-engineer website in French on March 22, 2011:

When common sense revolutionizes project management