Library about Project Management and Critical Chain


To complete your knowledge of project management and industrial performance, we offer a selection of works on 4 related themes.

This list covers not only the Theory of Constraints but more broadly the whole issue of industrial performance including for example "The Toyota Way", "Lean", and "Change Management".

Books about Critical Chain

ANDERSON, David J. AGILE Management for Software Engineering : Applying The Theory Of Constraints for Business Results Prentice Hall [2004]
ATHAVALE Rajeev, GROSSARD Joël Do-It-Yourself kit for projects (Guides Théorie des Contraintes en eBook) [2012] Livre électronique
ATHAVALE Rajeev  Theory Of Constraints Application for Projects : TOC Learner's Guide  LeanPub - Livre électronique
BERGLAND Eric Get it Done On Time! A Critical CHain Project Management/ Theory of Constraints Novel Apress [2016]
CHING Clarke Rolling Rocks Downhill : Accelerate AGILE with Goldratt's TOC Amazon [2015]
COX Jeff, HOULE Dale, COLE Hugh Hanging Fire : Achieving Predictable Results in an Uncertain World Amazon [2014]
GOLDRATT Eliyahu M. Critical Chain North River Press [1997]
Goldratt-Ashlag Efrat

Goldratt's Rules of Flow

North River Press [2023]
HEPTINSTALL Ian, BOLTON Robert Breakthrough Project Management : Capital & construction projects Denehurst Publishing [2016]
KISHIRA Yuji WA Transformation Management By Harmony North River Press [2009]
KENDALL Gerald, AUSTIN Kathleen Multi-Project Management J. Ross [2013]
LEACH Lawrence P. Critical Chain Project Management Artech House [2004]
LEACH Lawrence P. Lean Project Management: Eight principles for success Advanced Projects [2004]
LEACH Lawrence P. Critical Chain Project Management - Third Edition Artech House [2014]
NEWBOLD Robert C. Project Management in the fast lane: Applying the Theory Of Constraints St. Lucie Press [1998]
NEWBOLD Robert C. The Billion Dollar Solution ProChain Solutions [2008]
NEWBOLD Rob, LYNCH Bill The Project Manifesto : Transforming Your Life and Work with Critical Chain Values ProChain Press [2014]
SCHERRER Andreas Be Fast or Be Gone - Racing the clock with Critical Chain Project Management ProChain Press [2011]
SRINIVASAN mandyam M., BOWERS Melissa R., GILBERT Kenneth C. Lean Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Mc Graw Hill Education [2014]
TENDON Steve, Müller Wolfram Hyper-Productive Knowledge Work Performance : The TameFlow Approach and its Application to Scrum and Kanban J. Ross Publishing [2015]
UPDEGROVE David The Critical Chain Implementation Handbook : Flow is the Number One Consideration Amazon [2014]
WOEPPEL Mark J. Projects in less time: A synopsis of Critical Chain Pinnacle Strategies Publications [2006]

Books about Project Management

AIM R. Pilotage des grands projets - Risques et enjeux AFNOR [2003]
Project Management Institute A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide)–Sixth Edition Project Management Institute [2017]
KENNEDY M. N. Product development for the lean enterprise Oaklea Press
LIKER Jeffrey, MORGAN James The Toyota Product Development System : Integrating People, Process and Technology Productivity Press [2006]
Project Management Institute (PMI) Guide to the Project Management Body Of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide) 4th Ed. Project Management Institute [2008]
GOLDRATT-ASHLAG, Efrat Goldratt's Rules of Flow

North River Press [2023]

Books about Theory of Constraints

GOLDRATT Eliyahu M., COX Jeff The Goal: Excellence In Manufacturing  North River Press  [1984] 
GOLDRATT Eliyahu M., COX Jeff The Goal: Supplement to the revised edition Gower [1992]
GOLDRATT Eliyahu M.,  FOX Robert E. The Race North River Press [1986]
GOLDRATT Eliyahu M. What is this thing called Theory of Constraints and how should it be implemented? North River Press [1990a]
GOLDRATT Eliyahu M. Late night discussions on the Theory Of Constraints North River Press [1992]
GOLDRATT Eliyahu M. It’s not luck Gower, Aldershot [1994]
GOLDRATT Eliyahu M. The choice North River Press [2008]
GOLDRATT Eliyahu M., ESHKOLI Ilan, BROWNLEER Joe Isn't It Obvious ? North River Press [2009]
GOLDRATT Eliyahu M.  SCHRAGENHEIM Eli, PTAK Carol Necessary but not sufficient: A Theory Of Constraints novel North River Press [2000]
KENDALL Gerald I. Securing the future, Strategies for exponential growth using the Theory Of Constraints St. Lucie Press [1998]
KENDALL Gerald I. Viable Vision: Transforming total sales into net profits J. Ross Publishing [2005]
MABIN Victoria, J. BALDERSTONE, Steven J., The World of the Theory of Constraints, A review of the International Literature St. Lucie Press, Boca Raton,
MARRIS Philip Le Management Par les Contraintes en gestion industrielle Editions d'Organisation [1994]
SCHEINKOPF Lisa J. Thinking for a change ; Putting the TOC Thinking Processes to Use St. Lucie Press [1999]

Books about Industrial Performance

COX James F. III, BLACKSTONE John H., SCHLEIER John G. Jr Managing Operations : A focus on excellence, Volume 1 & 2 North River Press [2003] 
LIKER Jeffrey  The Toyota Way: 14 Management Principles from the World's Greatest Manufacturer Village Mondial [2006]
STALK George, HOUT Thomas Competing Against Time: How Time-Based Competition is Reshaping Global Mar Dunod [1992]
WOMACK James P., JONES Daniel T.,  ROOS Daniel The machine that changed the world Dunod [1991] 
WOMACK James P., JONES Daniel T Lean Thinking Village Mondial [1996,2003]