Critical Chain

an innovative method for

project management

THE mEthod

Dare to finish all your projects on time!



This approach based on the Theory of Constraints (TOC) answers 2 recurring questions:

How to finish your projects on time, within budget,  fulfiling the initial scope?

How to accelerate projects (new product developments, non-repetitive productions, software development,  construction, …)?

The fundamentals of the approach

Protect the project against uncertainties with the project buffer and make sure to finish all projects on time

Do projects faster



in projects duration*

Manage project execution using the Fever Chart to set priorities and improve synchronisation on a daily basis

Finish more projects



of projects completed per time period*

Improve multi-project portfolio management and anticipate resource conflicts

Optimized output



of throughput*

*Source : “Advanced Multi-Project Management” - 2013 - Book by Gerald I. Kendall & Kathleen M. Austin, p. 95

This diagram helps you understand this simple method:

In traditional planning, finishing late is almost inevitable…



…and yet each task encompasses its own margin to deal with uncertainty and overloads.


The Critical Chain aims at mutualizing the margins and challenging cycle times. The buffer absorbs any delays and protects against uncertainty.

They apply the method

and have achieved remarkable results

Teledyne e2v
ABS Jets

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Discover our new online Critical Chain Project Management course! Marris Consulting offers online training for anyone aiming to complete projects on time, faster while staying within their objectives and budgets. Learn how to effectively manage and plan projects using the Critical Chain Project Management approach, and benefit from our successful experiences across numerous projects.


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