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Marris Consulting regularly organizes training courses dealing with the Critical Chain approach.

Your projects are often late or suffer significant budget overruns? You must often abandon some original specifications?

Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM), derived from Theory of Constraints, permits spectacular results, thus an increasing number of companies have adopted this projects management approach.


Companies using CCPM have accelerated by average 30% to 60% their projects, in a very wide range of sectors, such as New Product Development and aeronautical maintenance (MRO). Read more about our example of CCPM implementation on our webpage some case studies.

Marris Consulting has trained more than 7,000 people from very diverse backgrounds:

ArcelorMittal, Areva, Arkema, Autoliv, Bayer, Bosch, Essilor, Fresenius Vial, GSK, Infineon, Ipsen, Jaeger LeCoultre, Lilly, Merial, Novartis, Pierre Fabre, Procter & Gamble, Pyrex, Nexter, Safran, Salzgitter-Mannesmann, Schlumberger, Seb, SKF, Thales, Visteon, Yves Rocher & Zodiac Aerospace.

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Objectives of the day

To know the limits and consequences of traditional project management

To understand the principles of planning and executing projects with the Critical Chain approach

To have an overview of how to implement CCPM in an organization

Target Public

  • R&D Director

  • Technical Director

  • Design Office Director

  • Innovation Director

  • Project Manager

  • PMO manager

Any company with a project activity such as new product development, software development, research, engineering, maintenance and repair of materials ...

Face-to-face or online training


Initial Training

Discover the basics of Critical Chain Project Management

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Duration : 1 day

Next session:
French (face-to-face): 

Session: On 23rd of October 2024


900 € ex VAT

  • Limitations and consequences of conventional project management methods

  • Principles of project planning and execution by the Critical Chain

  • Implementation of the Critical Chain in an organization


Training content and extract


Advanced Training

All the keys to understand and apply the Critical Chain

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Duration 1 day

Next sessions:
French (face-to-face): 

Session: On 24th of October 2024


900 € ex VAT

  • Advanced planning the Critical Chain way

  • Identification of capacity constraint in an organization

  • Managing a project portfolio with the CCPM approach
  • Lean Engineering and CCPM
  • and more ...


 Training content and extract

Intra Training

All our training can be given intra-company

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Duration 1 or 2 days, in French or in English

Possible training in face-to-face or online


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  • Initial or advanced training on one day each

  • The training can be adapted to your specificities
  • Training provided by an experienced senior consultant
  • Session limited to 15 people on-site


Online training


Take our online training course and learn at your own pace how to use Critical Chain to finish all your projects on time.

Registration to the online training gives you access to the videos for 12 months from the date of purchase.

Critical Chain Online course by Philip Marris


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