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CIRCOR - New product development projects and Critical Chain

Circor facility at Plessis-Trévise, near Paris in France, has decided to implement on its portfolio of new product development projects and obtained excellent results, particularly in terms of time savings and meeting deadlines.

In this video, Raphaël Ensinger, Program Director at Circor Aerospace & Defense, explains the interest of managing projects with the Critical Chain, and how Marris Consulting has helped them in this process.


This method, derived from the Theory of Constraints, permits to ut under control the various projects and thus finish them on time.

It aspires to better coordination of actions and actors, thanks in particular to a shared vision of the project plan.
One of the key principles is to focus employees on their actions to move projects forward more quickly, while reducing stress and pressure; this results in better budget management and better control of project costs.


Cultural change and communication remain the real challenge in the implementation of the Critical Chain, indeed, this method often requires changing the work habits and giving the right level of information to the concerned people.


Video available in French with English subtitles


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