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Webinar - Why is the Theory Of Constraints more and more pertinent for the aeronautical industry?

Application of the Theory Of Constraints and its components to the aeronautical sector

Philip Marris, Managing Director, and Jessica Hamaide, Manager at Marris Consulting, hosted a webinar on the relevance of Theory of Constraints in the aerospace industry.

Illustrated with examples of recent implementations, this webinar describes how the Theory of Constraints and Critical Chain Project Management can help companies in the aeronautics sector to meet the challenges of accelerating production rates and developing new products. products:


  • Thanks to the Theory Of Constraints' 5 Focusing Steps:
    • Produce more
    • Increase productivity
  • Thanks to the Critical Chain:
    • Support production with investment and Capex-type projects
    • Increase the availability of existing aircraft by reducing downtime during maintenance interventions.
    • Develop faster and better new aircraft and their equipment.


This webinar is only available in French with English subtitles




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